7 Tips to Help You Come Up With a Responsive and Mobile Friendly Website Design

mobilefriendlyWith the world swiftly changing, the need for simple, Responsive, and Mobile Friendly Website Design has shot up the roof. The Australian market is now thriving with many small businesses being set up left, right and centre. To gain added exposure, these businesses are increasingly looking to create their own responsive and mobile friendly websites. For these websites to stand out, several design tips should be applied since visitors may not only be coming from Australia. Websites can be accessed globally and the business can create a worldwide impression if it uses a world-class design that is unique. These 7 tips can help achieve this goal.

Don’t Always Go for Minimalistic Designs, Mobile Device Friendly web design is the way to go

According to recent developments, Search engines is now taking more consideration to Mobile Friendly sites. This is because, each day more and more people are switching to mobile devices for their day to day online activities. Many of the latest websites that are infused with Web 2.0 aspects often end up looking very minimalistic, so the content is easier to read and the webpage itself loads faster. Most people in and out of Australia should have faster Internet connections, so don’t be afraid to add any interactive elements or videos that will make your web design more appealing.

Build a Colour Scheme First 

A small business should always have an identifying logo or symbol, to give it a clear brand identity. In order for the logo to blend in well with the design, get the colour scheme of that logo or use company colours to further develop the identity. With a colour scheme, different designs can still be created from using alternative layouts.

Keep the Layout Clean and Responsive

Always remember that the most important element of Responsive website design is the content. The content whether it is text or images should be displayed in a friendly layout so that visitors can enjoy the content from start to finish. Any nice design with a confusing layout won’t encourage visitors to come back for updates. With today’s growing technology, building a Responsive web design will ensure that your site remains trendy and in tune with new technologies.

Make it Easy to Edit Content

It is always good to have a fancy and innovative design to impress people, but it is also good to have a design that has updated content so people (and search engines) can come back expecting more information. To make updates easier, try to make the content very easy to edit backing up the design with clean coding helps a lot here.

Use Widgets 

Widgets are special web objects that can dynamically display information from other sites. Some widgets are interactive and customisable to better fit the design adding a nice flair while adding functionality. A good example of common widgets to use for any site is the social networking widgets.

Explore on Advanced Scripting and Coding Methods

Good coding skills can breathe in new possibilities for some fascinating designs to be made. A common example is the photo thumbnail galleries where clicking on an image brings the image up close in an animated fashion without loading another page in a new window. This makes the navigation experience more fluid. There are many web scripts online that can significantly enhance designs.


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