Four Advantages Of AdWords For Small and Medium Sized Businesses

adwordsforbusinessYou’ve heard it before, but we’re going to say it again.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to SEO and online marketing.

In order to create a successful online marketing campaign, you have to use every available tool in your arsenal. A multifaceted approach to SEO allows you to mix and match strategies to find out which ones work best for your SEO goals and which ones work against those goals.

Responsive web design, relevant keywords, on-page optimization and backlinking are likely SEO strategies you’ve heard of and may be familiar with in your own campaigns. While these are all proven and effective methods of reaching your SEO goals, these methods take time to work and don’t provide the initial ‘push’ that other methods of SEO, such as Google AdWords, can.

Google AdWords offers many benefits for both small and medium sized businesses and is especially helpful for getting new SEO campaigns off the ground.

#1. Google AdWords works faster than traditional SEO methods.

Creating a SEO campaign is extremely time-consuming. Even after the planning is done and the strategies are put in place, it can be several months before you see the results of your SEO efforts. In most cases, the results of a strategic Google AdWords campaign can be seen within hours via your site analytics.

#2. Google AdWords campaigns are completely customizable.

Even though Google AdWords is a PPC advertising campaign, you are in control of the keywords and your targeted audience, which means only relevant traffic will be driven to your site. The people who come to your site are looking for exactly the product or service you offer, which helps to increase conversion rates as well.

#3. Google AdWords campaigns are budget-friendly.

One very attractive advantage of Google AdWords is that you are in control of your spending. The platform allows you to set a dollar amount at the beginning of your campaign, outlining how much you want to pay per click and how much you want to invest in the campaign. When your budget has been capped, the campaign stops. No hidden fees, no extra charges. You pay what you want to, when you want to and for as long as you want to. This kind of pay-as-you-go campaigning is ideal for smaller businesses with limited advertising budgets.

#4. Google AdWords increases your ROI.

Because Google AdWords works by driving only relevant traffic to your site, you aren’t wasting money on traffic driving methods that randomly dump people at your door. You’re getting exactly what you pay for with Google AdWords – potential clients who are in the market to buy what you have to offer without the hassle and expense of sifting through the tire kickers to find them.

If you have been looking for a way to kickstart your online marketing campaign, but didn’t know where to start – Google AdWords is definitely something to consider. Its quick results and minimal initial investment makes Google AdWords the ideal SEO tactic for businesses of any size or any budget. We highly recommend SEO Sydney Group’s Adwords Mangement Services in Australia

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